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Reasons to Seal your Asphalt

  • UV radiation or sunlight breaks down asphalt and makes it inflexible

  • When asphalt looses its flexibility it becomes brittle, begins to crack and break.

  • Poor resistance to melting salts, chemicals and petroleum products, un-sealed.

  • Gasoline and oil will dissolve directly into  the asphalt, softening the structure, and
  •  eventually cause major damage to asphalt pavements.

  • Think of your asphalt investment like wood, you need to keep it clean, caulked and painted to protect its longevity

  • Increases the esthetic value of your property.

  • Sealcoating asphalt will ensure that it has a much longer life than that of unsealed pavement.

  • Excellent resistance to water.

  • Superior weathering ability.

  • Non-scuffing under normal conditions.

  • It is logical to shield your asphalt with a coating that would shield your asphalt pavement from harmfull elements.

  • We use a coal tar and asphalt emulsion pitch fortified with liquid latex  rubber, to protect any asphalt surface.
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We are seal coating professionals for asphalt surfaces. Including crack repairs, minor patching and striping for parking lots.

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